4 Nights Aria Amazon Cruise

12/27/2018 through 10/24/2020
12/27/2018 through 10/30/2020
Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Expedition’s 4 night luxury cruise on the Aria Amazon begins in Nauta(IQT), Peru and transport guests in exceptional comfort deep into the Amazon rainforest, along the Ucayali River, the Amazon’s largest tributary, as well as the four other rivers, each one rich in vibrant wildlife with thriving rainforests.

Aria Amazon 4-night Explorer Cruise is our most popular choice which makes the best use of your time on the Amazon rainforest. Taking a 4-night trip ensures you more opportunities to experience diverse Amazon wildlife, at the same time relax and enjoy activities like canoeing, kayaking or swimming on the black water river. Go piranha fishing, dolphin watching, or search for Amazon monkeys, three-toed sloths, crown headed hoatzin birds, toucans, macaws and giant water lilies. Enjoy a glimpse of what your journey on the Aria Amazon will be like as you travel deep into the jungles and waterways of northern Peru spotting wildlife and learning about the ecosystems within the Amazon’s rainforest.

The low water season in Amazonia coincides with our winter in the Southern Hemisphere (from June to October). Trails and jungle paths that are flooded from November to May are now easily accessible, allowing groups to explore deep into the jungle, accompanied by fewer mosquitoes than during the high water season. During these months, fishing is 100 percent guaranteed. You even stand a fair chance of catching a piranha. And while the lower river levels mean that you are farther from the birds that roost in the jungle canopy, you will have the chance to see dozens of species of migratory birds in flight, something you would completely miss during the high water season.


Day 1 Iquitos
Day 2 Ucayali River
Day 3 Pacaya River
Day 4 Clavero River
Day 5 Nauta

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